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  • Regular Classes

    Regular courses are courses that last from one semester to one year and can be integrated at any time.

  • Module

    Modules are courses that last one to two weeks. They can only be joined on the start date. They start on a specific date and end on a specific date, and registration is usually closed several days in advance. It is therefore advisable to register early.

    Vienese Waltz, Waltz, Tango

  • Stage

    A course is a one-off lesson lasting between one hour twenty and three and a half hours.

    Learn to dance all the popular Ballroom, Latin and carribean dances in Dynamodance  workshop beginner classes.

    In no time at all, our fabulous lessons will have you up dancing the Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Jive, Tango, Rumba, Swing & so much more – all within a friendly, safe, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

    These Dynamodance couple dance lessons are perfect to help prepare you for upcoming social occasion such as; Weddings, Celebrations, Holiday’s, Cruises Dinner Dances & so much more.

    Dancing is a fabulous sport to enjoy together – whilst you’re moving to the music you’ll be getting all the health benefits of a great workout, helping keep you fit & healthy.

    Our beginner classes offer expert dance instruction, tailored especially for people who have never danced before – it really is fun and enjoyable learning to dance with Dynamodance’s.

    Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Swing(triple), Discofox, bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, Pasodoble.

  • X-day

    The x-day courses are regular courses or modules compacted over 1 to 5 days.

    Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba

  • Worshop

    A workshop is a one-hour course which aims to test a dance.

    Merengue, Lambada, Zouk, Slow

  • Private and company...

    Private or company courses are limited participation courses between individuals, by people who know each other or who are linked by work or professional ties. Only one registration is made by a participant for the couple or for the group.

  • Salsa Special

    All Salsa classes

  • Bachata Special

    All Bachata classes

  • Kizomba Special

    All Kizomba classes

    Latin dance of Angolan origin. The character of this dance is a slow and sensual movement, with easy basic steps done in a close embrace - similar to the Argentine Tango. There is a lot of walking, pivoting and hip movement in this dance, accentuating the music. This dance has been gaining popularity in recent years.

    It is a relatively young dance but already has several styles. It comes from Semba but has been influenced by other Angolan folkloric elements. Its step movement technique is Afro and its directional technique is similar to Argentine Tango. It is a passioate, intimate dance. The couple is very close to each other. The music is traditional Zouk mixed with Afro Zouk.

  • Caribbean dances
  • Party
  • Latin

    Latin dance classes in Brussels. Latin dance is very popular at the moment! It's a great way to get fit, learn an exciting new skill and revamp your social life. Beginners are always welcome and dance classes can be taken with or without a partner.

  • Swing Dances

    It's not difficult to spot swing dancers...look for the couple with the biggest smiles having the most fun.Swing dance is characterized by lots of swinging, flipping, and throwing of dancers. Because it is a non-progressive dance style because it is mostly performed in one spot, it is a popular dance for a crowded dance floor.

    Swing is a quick, fast-paced dance. Couples hold hands as opposed to placing hands on the shoulders or around the waist, as ballroom dancers do. Swing dancing takes a little practice, but once you learn the steps, you may never want to stop swinging.

    The term "swing" refers to a variety of unique partner dances.
    As East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, DiscoSwing, Jitterbug,  Carolina Shag

  • Vibrationnal Dances
  • Ballroom

    Ballroom dances are partner dances that are commonly practiced in ballrooms. They are practiced all over the world, both socially and competitively. They are the most popular dances on dance floors, stages, and even on television and in films. If you don't know much about ballroom dancing, this is your chance to learn about it.

    . Foxtrot, Slow waltz, Viennese waltz, European tango and Quickstep are concerned.

  • September
  • October
  • Open air Special


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  • -8%selected product
  • -8% Salsa/Ballroom...
  • -16% Bachata/Kizomba...
  • 2+1gratuit
  • 2ieme à moins 50%
  • 3+1free
  • Bachata solo%
  • -8% new solo man/woman...
  • -16 Bachata only
  • -20 Kizomba only 16crs
  • Salsa regular class
  • Bachata
  • Salsa
  • Kizomba
  • Ballroom dances
  • Swing(s)
  • Caribbean dances
  • Open Air Special
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  • Ballroom min 10
  • Bd min 5
  • bi24 min 5
  • Beginner8 min25
  • Bachcple12 min 30
  • -28% kiz cpl
  • Blr lat
  • Blr std
  • ss min
  • bach min
  • bllr min
  • kiz min
  • Couple sbk
  • Salsa - 50% second...
  • Bachata -50% second...
  • kizomba -50% second...
  • Ballroo10 -50% second...
  • SBKB -20%
  • SBK -20%
  • reserve Bll
  • -30% s&B couple only
  • s / b / k couples -%
  • crs unique s-b-k
  • 3+1gratuit
  • kiz d59
  • -20% s&b/b&k couple only

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