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Salsa preintermediate Classes 8classes | 16classes
  • Salsa preintermediate Classes 8classes | 16classes

Salsa preintermediate Classes 8classes | 16classes

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Prerequisite: Completion of Salsa Beginners or equivalent experience. Individual evaluations available upon request.

Completion of our beginners' salsa course or equivalent salsa experience is a minimum
 requirement (you should have taken at least
18 weeks at another school) for the pre-intermediate course.
You will recap all the essential elements of the
 while developing your technical skills and confidence with a partner.
This course follows on directly from the Salsa - beginners course and takes you further into the seductive world of salsa. It allows you to practise
while learning a series of more advanced techniques.
We recommend that you take the Salsa - Beginner course before embarking on the Salsa- pre-intermediaire course. This ensures that everyone progresses correctly - and gives you the opportunity to gain total confidence in your movements.
The content may vary depending on the size of the class and the length of the length of the course, but the topics generally covered are the following:
- Revision of basic steps, movements, rhythm and musicality.
- Improving salsa techniques by leading and following.
- Revision of movements from the beginners' salsa course.
- Warm-up and more complex footwork, partner work and combinations.
- Learning partner work combinations
- Familiarise yourself with the salsa dance community and take part in more salsa evenings.
- Learn a variety of specific combinations.
Like all our salsa classes, you'll receive friendly feedback throughout the course, and you don't need to bring a partner to join the class.
Students are encouraged to take this course
before moving on to higher level classes.

Day: Sunday
I am: man
Time: 16:40 - 17:30 - s2.
Place: Dynamodance(Merode-Montgomery) Rue du Duc 54, 1150 Bruxelles
Level : pre-intermediate
number of courses: 8courses
There is still place you can register

How do I subscribe?

1- I choose my options (man, or woman, etc...), I click on add to cart, Then I click on "next".

2- I click on next and fill in my details,

3- I click on continue: the calendar appears and I choose my start date.

4- I click on continue to finalise my registration.

5- I receive my ticket electronically and attend the course from the date I have chosen.
To register after clicking on the course of your choice, choose the day, the time, if you are male or female or male and female for couples, the number of hours of classes for your subscription etc...
Then click on add to cart and follow the steps to finalize your registration.
Put your choice in the shopping cart and follow the registration process, just before the payment page you will receive the calendar page. There you can choose the date you want to start your course, before the payment page.

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Geared to those who are comfortable with the Salsa basic, learn new material add footwork and reinforce your partnering skills. Learn proper posture, frame annd weight transfer.

Precision in technique, footwork, posture and balance will be encouraged.
By now, you will feel assured and confident when hitting the dance floor

Recommendation: Combine this course with: Cha Cha Cha

Salsa 200-101_107

Data sheet

9 weeks per group of 8courses/ 4 weeks for 4courses/ 10 weeks for 9courses/ 18 weeks for 16courses
Metro1|5:Merode - Tram81:Merode - Bus:27|61|80|Merode
Payment by
bank contact/ maestro/ virement/ carte
Start date:
At any moment

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  • What is the language of instruction?

    We explain to English speakers in English, and to French, Dutch and German speakers who don't speak English in French, Dutch and German respectively.

  • Is it possible to register alone?

    Yes, you can register alone

  • Can I register with a partner?

    Yes, you can register with a partner

  • How long are courses valid?

    For carribean dances group classes i.e. Salsa, bachata, Kizomba and merengue

    6courses are valid for 6 weeks,

    7courses are valid for 8 weeks,

    8courses are valid for 9 weeks,

    9courses are valid for 10 weeks,

    12courses are valid for 14 weeks

    14courses are valid for 16 weeks

    24courses are valid for 27 weeks

    35classes are valid for 40 weeks.

    For group ballroom dance classes10dances,

    6courses are valid for 6 weeks,

    7courses are valid for 8 weeks,

    8courses are valid for 9 weeks,

    9courses are valid for 10 weeks,

    12courses are valid for 14 weeks

    14courses are valid for 16 weeks

    24courses are valid for 27 weeks

    35courses are valid for 40 weeks.

    For private lessons,

    1Course is valid for 1 day (the day chosen for the course).

    For more than one private lesson taken in a single block, a timetable will be drawn up by mutual agreement.

  • Are there any classes on Easter Sunday?

    No, there are no classes on Easter Sunday or on the last two Sundays in December, but private lessons are available for those who wish.

  • Do you organise courses during the summer holidays?

    Yes, we sometimes organise "special courses" during the summer holidays which are independent of the regular group courses.

      So if you go on holiday in the summer you don't lose any classes.

      You can still take these courses if you wish.

  • What is the ratio of men to women in group classes?

    We're very careful about this, we like a balance between men and women for all our couples group classes. If you can enrol, in other words if the system lets you enrol, then the balance still holds.

    If there is a tendency towards imbalance, the system blocks the excess gender to prevent the excess gender from registering. So if you're man or woman and you see that you can't register, just come and check from time to time to see if we can take the gender you belong to again, or send us an e-mail, and once you see that male or female can be registered again, register straight away without waiting for the risk of someone else coming to register.

  • If I register today, do I have to start today or this week?

    No, if you register you are not obliged to start the week you have registered for. During the registration process, you will be asked to choose a start date on the calendar, which will then count as your first day.

    So, for example, you could enrol in March and choose September as your start date, and that September date would then count as the first day of your course.

  • What level should I choose if I've never danced anything?

    If you've never danced anything before, choose the beginners level.

  • What level should I choose if I've danced before?

    If you've danced before, choose the level recommended by your instructor.

    If you're from elsewhere, choose the beginners level or send us an e-mail.

  • Are we well looked after during our development?

    Yes, you are well monitored. You receive regular feadback on our academic platform my.dynamodance.com

  • Are the courses online or in person?

    Registration is online, which saves time, but the courses are in person.